AIESEC Alumni MEA Invites You to Discuss Agriculture and Entrepreneurship - Feb. 20th


In 2021, the world faces one of the most feared pandemics. Millions of workers and entrepreneurs suddenly found themselves with nothing. Many dreams have been shattered, families have lost their loved ones and for many African families, misery has multiplied by ten.

AIESEC ALUMNI MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA's mission is to put a brain of hope in the eyes of its youth by providing concrete solutions built around significant experiences.

In this sense, for this month of February 2021, we will address two important topics for anyone who questions their future, any AIESECer who would like to use their skills learned within the organization to flourish and gain financial stability. and thereby its social balance.

Theme 1: How agriculture can enable young people to unlock their potential. We have generally said that this profession does not pay anymore, yet the more than 8 billion people in the world need to feed themselves every day. How to take advantage of the profession of the land and build a better life? Saturday 20 February 2021 from 19:30 GMT + 1 with Sakwe Njioh, Cofounder of AGRIBLOOM a Nigerian company.

Theme 2: AIESECpreneurship, a vision about the future of AIESEC alumni. In this module, Krisztina KAPUVÁRI, founder of theSPACE, an NGO based in Benin, will give us the secret of her formula oriented towards setting up projects to explore in-depth the talents of AIESEC members who have finished their experience and who are prey to the professional world. . Meet on Saturday, February 20, 2021, from 20.30 GMT + 1.

We will broadcast the event on our* page.

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