Welcome Our New EB team of SJSU LC and How Alums Can Get Involved


Introducing LCP - Shivani Seshan

Hello! My name is Shivani Seshan and I'm the LCP at AIESEC San Jose. Last year, I served as our VP of Incoming Global Talent and I'm excited to be back for another amazing year with this organization! 

In 2019, we celebrated our 50th-anniversary event where we met many of you on our campus and celebrated how far AIESEC San Jose has come. Since then, we have brought back many alumni to our LC to share their stories, tips, and advice to our members through our monthly Alumni Speaker Series. We are excited to work more with all of you this year!


Exciting Plans and Goals for 2021

This year our executive board, EB Smack, aims to "overcome, rebuild, thrive" amongst any challenges and obstacles we face after learning so much in 2020. We have been able to create an adaptive membership experience that thrives in the virtual environment by focusing on our members and ensuring that their AIESEC journeys have great value. We also hope to resume exchanges this year - we are currently running both Global Talent and Global Volunteer to send and bring people into the country on internships and volunteer ships.  


How Alums Can Get Involved and Support

We appreciate any and all help we can receive! If you wish to help, here is the link to donating to our LC. Here is also the link to our merch store where you can find our shirts, notebooks, and even masks! 

We'd also love to hear from and connect with you to learn about your AIESEC journey! You can reach our LC on our LinkedIn page and our Instagram handle: @lcsanjose. You can also reach out to LCP Shivani direclty at sanjose-president@aiesecus.org or on LinkedIn.

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