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COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our lives, including our valued AIESEC community. AIESEC US and all the LCs are facing challenging realities:

  • All incoming and outgoing exchanges have ceased completely, with an unknown return date, eliminating a key source of revenue.
  • All on-campus LC activity has stopped as students have returned home to take virtual classes.
  • MC salaries have been cut by 50% (for both the current and incoming teams); half of the current team will leave by May and the incoming MC team will be reduced to a team of four.

Let's show AIESEC that alumni are here for them. Between now and May 15th, you can:
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Developing leaders who strive for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential - that is what we do. Thank you for helping us keep the focus alive!

To thank you for your support, we'll send you an advanced, digital copy of the AIESEC Future Project, a study commissioned by the AIESEC US Board of Directors. It takes a deep dive into the economics of exchange in the US and makes recommendations to ensure future organizational health.  

Call for Content

We find ourselves in unique and unfamiliar times when our usual AIESEC ways of traveling are no longer the norm. We've all had to adapt with lightning speed, and many of us are more reliant on digital content than ever before. To better serve our AIESEC Life community, we are initiating a series of webinars, podcasts and Zoom events where we can stay connected and learn from each other's experiences. We invite you to share valued content with our alumni community. Please post it as a Notification on our website's Live Feed or email, and if we think it's helpful content for our community, we'll work with you to make it available to everyone. Check-in with often to find a curated source of content that we hope you will find useful and interesting.   

Alumni Spotlight - Molly Gartland
A Debut Novel with an AIESEC Past

Molly Gartland, LCP of AIESEC Michigan State in 1992, says that her work experiences with AIESEC alumni in Russia gave her some unique ideas for her debut novel, The Girl from the Hermitage. The book looks back at growing up in the old communist world with its many terrors and then revisiting that past through a lens of modern, glitzy 21st century St. Petersburg. The manuscript for her novel was shortlisted for the Impress Prize and longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition, the Bath Novel Award, and Grindstone Novel Award.

After finishing university in 1994, Molly heard about a job opportunity in Moscow from Mike McKiernan (AIESEC DeKalb in Chicago) who worked with Westwind International, a freight forwarder that took many AIESEC trainees. Molly rightly calls Mike, “the man who changed my life.” Westwind and its manager, Cris Arens (AIESEC St. Cloud – MN) had links with Pony Express, a new courier company in Moscow founded by AIESEC New Hampshire alumni Tim Bryant and Mark Wheeler. Cris knew they were looking for a recent grad and asked Mike if he knew anyone who would be interested. Mike knew Molly had recently returned from studying in St. Petersburg so he told her about it. She seized the opportunity and contacted Mark. With her AIESEC sales and marketing experience, it seemed to be a good fit. They agreed she would have a short training period at Westwind and join Pony Express once she graduated. Molly notes, “It was a whole web of AIESEC relationships that brought me to work in Moscow.” Molly ended up extending her one-year job and stayed in Moscow for six years. This was followed by a series of moves to Cairo, London, Cape Town, Dakar, and then finally settling in London. 
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