Global Alumni Connect - Inspiration, AIESEC Style!

The best way to answer the question ¨Where are you from?¨ Take a look at Nell Mei's inspirational and empowering speech at the launch event of Global Alumni Connect (GAC), AIESEC Life's first global program. GAC was co-hosted by AIESEC Life and AIESEC Alumni Romania, and the event was registered by over 150 guests from over 12 countries across 4 continents.

During the speech, Nell talks about our common identity and common value of bridging the world's differences, and she calls for AIESECers in all parts of the world to rebuild the international connections during a challenging time.

Nell Mei is AIESEC Life's San Francisco Bay Area Hub Chair, and formerly New York's hub leader. She has four home LCs in the US, the UK, China and Japan. Nell's professional experiences range from private equity investments on Wall Street to business strategy for tech startups in Silicon Valley. She served on the boards of both businesses and nonprofits, most recently as the Board President of NYC Kids Project, an education nonprofit.

You can click on the attachment for a written version of Nell's impactful speech. 

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