Global Alumni Connect (GAC) Successfully Launched
with Representation From 10+ Countries on 4 Continents

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of AIESEC Life's first global program, Global Alumni Connect (GAC), on March 30th! Registered by over 150 guests from over 12 countries across 4 continents, the 2-hour event inspired and empowered AIESECers to rebuild the international connections of the world and march towards our common goals and values.

The event on March 30th featured speakers and co-hosts Nell Mei (Bay Area Hub Chair), Ionel Nechiti (Houston Hub Chair), Mihai Moghior (President, AIESEC Alumni Romania), in addition to guest speakers Maggie Gisel (AIESEC Life Executive Director), Mariel Rivera (AAI VP Global Program Innovations & Communication) and MC Victor “Vick” Georgescu. We also thank our partners of the program, including AIESEC Alumni Romania and leadership from AIESEC Alumni Austria, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the UK.


Enthusiasm and Excitement Shared

Thank you all attendees for sharing a magic AIESEC moment with all of us. Your energy, AIESEC spirit and enthusiasm empowers us as we continue the GAC program.

“FANTASTIC Initiative!!” - Alberto Ziehl, President of AIESEC Alumni International from Mexico

“This was the closest to an AIESEC international conference you can get on Zoom :) Well done!” - Jordan Georgiev, President of AIESEC Alumni Austria

"Nell's speech was the most eloquent statement, even peroration, about AIESEC I have ever heard" - Ken Phillips, AAI advisor from Boston

“Loving the AIESEC spirit here! Great job everyone on organizing this!” - Irina Wittman, President of AIESEC Alumni Germany

"Great start for GAC. Great method for strengthening our connections as AIESECers who share values and love all humankind” - Bruce from Oklahoma

“Big thanks for this event indeed! A great opportunity to re-connect. Haven’t danced AIESEC dances for years!” - Kate from Ukraine

“Back in the heart of AIESEC!!" - Stuti from London


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Or watch the replay and relive some of our favorite moments:


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