First Quarter 2021 Good Case Practice Recap Part 1 (Collaboration between entities)


1st quarter Good Case Practice (Collaboration between entities) 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”  

The first 3 months of the year went by fast, and there is a lot of activity in our community.

We would like to take the opportunity in this publication to share the first part of GCP Showcasing of Q1 2021 and recognize the great work done driving collaboration across entities to keep connecting, empowering, and inspiring the world around us. We encourage all kinds of collaborations and cooperation which our organization forward. 


Virtual A-Talks open for all

This quarter has been fantastic in terms of international collaboration. We want to start by celebrating that regional and national associations have opened their Alumni virtual events for the international audience, allowing registration from any part of the world! 

Here a glimpse of the past 3 months:

You were not able to join live? Check the Alumni Talks recording Section in the AAI group


Twin Alumnite AAAustria & AABelgium 

On February 4th, AAAustria had its first twin ALUMnite with AABelgium - the first alumni organization to join this initiative. There were 27 alumni participating from 8 different countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Canada and Austria). 
Moreover, the organizers were very glad to welcome members of the MC (Members Committee of Youth AIESEC) and AAE to their ALUMnite. 
They spent around two and a half hours together. The time was great, sharing stories with each other while meeting and getting to know new people and sharing new ideas. They had a great time playing two quizzes that gave them the chance to learn new things about both countries. It was a great experience, and only the start of a great new series of twin ALUMnite.
The next twin ALUMnite will be with Romania on Thursday, May 6th 2021, 18:00 CET (they start 1h earlier than usual). Alumni from the Belgian alumni community are more than welcome to join. The AAB May ALUMnite will be one week later so our alumni can join this twin ALUMnite. 

Building momentum across the regions A2A  



It’s amazing how the momentum is building across the Regions in line with the global partnership looking for more meaningful relationship between the two organisations at all levels. We want to congratulate AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific for taking the lead and starting to implement a closer relationship by signing a collaboration agreement with the AIESEC Regional Office in Asia Pacific. This was rapidly followed by AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica signing an agreement with the AIESEC Regional Office of the Americas this past month. These particular actions are important to celebrate, as they enhance the commitment for collaboration and allows to make a clear plan of working together through the year, since the natural Leadership Development Cycle of AIESEC has a rotative dynamic changing their leadership team every year.



On March 27th AIESEC Alumni Bolivia and AIESEC Alumni Peru hosted the first "Binational Encounter" (“Primer Encuentro Binacional Perú  Bolivia ). The meeting registered the participation of more than 55 people who, in a spirit of a brotherhood along with Alumni from other nations, shared great moments with each other such as:  

- Business and entrepreneurship  

- Social Responsibility 

- Training  

Congratulations to both NAA for the initiative and all the entities are encouraged to take the challenge and implement their own version of the event.

In numbers: More than 55 registrations recorded

+29 from Bolivia 
+24 from Peru  


Virtual European Congress V – E – Co  

AAE 2021 Plan, Knowledge Exchange, Impact of Covid-19, AAI update, HR, Events, Communications, these are some topics from the agenda of the V-E-Co for NAA Leaders which took place on March 28th. 

AIESEC Alumni Europe would like to use the opportunity to say many thanks for the successful congress. Just keep in mind that the global crisis is teaching us more about ourselves and being more resilient individually as well as at organizational level. Congrats to AAE!  


 MEA  NAA Cafe #1 March 2021

AIESEC Alumni MEA hosted their first MEA NAA Cafe of the year with participant countries: Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and Tunisia with leaders representatives of each NAAs and with the special intervention of AAI from Anuj Khosla.



The entities had the opportunity to share their current activities and to follow up on the plan for the MEA Congress, Cameroon October 2021, more info coming next month. The MEA NAA Cafe will be organized each last day of the month.



1st Global Alumni Connect (GAC) successfully took place in March 

On March 30th, 2021, AIESEC Life and AIESEC Alumni Romania co-hosted their 1st Global Alumni Connect (GAC).  

The event was joined by Austria and many other countries, and it was very inspiring and motivational for the 85 participants who signed in. We look forward to more GAC events as well.

Here's what attendees said about that first meeting: 

"Great start for GAC. A great opportunity to re-connect." 

“What a wonderful and uplifting event as well as fun!" 

"This was the closest to an AIESEC international conference you can get on Zoom!" 

Thumbs up for AIESEC Life and AARomania for this intercontinental collaboration.  

Stay tuned for the date and more details about the next GAC and don’t hesitate to join!  



This is the first part of recognition and GCP Showcasing Q1. We are still collecting more good case practices of the activities taking place around the world, please reach out to  Abou: and Mariel: or to share about your events and programs.

We extend that congratulation note to all the RAAs and NAAs for the efforts they are putting in to implement the different programs and hosting events despite current challenges and responsibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support to organize and promote your events or activities at the global level. We will be glad to help!

We encourage all the entities to keep developing and implementing the programs of their choice.

This year, with overall global support and the collection of GCPs, we will be able to release the Lifelong Connection programs portfolio with more materials and guidelines for implementation!

To know more, please see our article: Towards our shared future as AAI 

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