Alumni Summer Domestic 
Internship Program 

With the world not quite back to normal, AIESEC Life and AIESEC US are partnering once again to offer our Second Annual Summer Domestic Internship Program. For 2021, we established a "Think Tank Team" of former interns and AIESEC Life alumni who created an even more robust program that includes skill-building and networking opportunities for interns as well as additional tools and resources for alumni employers.

With your participation, we can give AIESECers meaningful work experience this summer and provide alumni access to talented and motivated students. Providing an internship is easy. They can be:

·Paid or unpaid

·Remote or in-office

·Flexible time frames*

·Working in any discipline

·Helping with that project that you keep putting off!

Any AIESEC Life Premium member can publish an internship on AIESEC Life's Opportunities tab. To learn how to get started, and to review information that will help you plan for a successful experience, click here. Students will be able to view the available internship opportunities and apply directly to alumni who post jobs. You determine the start and end dates, discuss any additional requirements, and work out the interview process directly with prospective interns. Please post your internship by June 30th* Suggested 6-week minimum, starting as early as May and going through September or beyond.

We had 38 successful internships last summer and our goal is to have 50. Testimonials from our 2020 employers and interns offer a glimpse at the program's effectiveness. Take advantage of this very worthwhile program! Questions? Contact or



We are happy to welcome the following new and renewing Premium members who joined during our Spring 2 for 1 Campaign. We hope you find a welcoming online community with AIESEC Life and our alumni association. Premium members can find these alumni and many more in our global directory


·Emmanuel Adesoye - Ilorin, Nigeria, 1988

·Liza Bauman - Oregon, 1988

·Louis Brownstone - Indiana State, 2003

·Bart Carmichael - Penn State, 1978

·Lynne Davis - Miami of Ohio, 1985

·Lucas de la Torre - Yale, 2009

·Robert Dustin - Purdue, 1992

·Christopher Fan - Berkeley, 2005

·David Gerleman - Perdue, 1993

·Brian Golbere - Colorado, 1989

·Marina Grintsvayg - Baruch, 2011

·Rolf Hamacher - Univ. of Oklahoma, 1982-84

·Ian Kawetschanky - Madison, 2018

·Michael Paim - San Jose, 1992

·Mariel Rivera- Sonora, MX, 2013

·Andrew Rowe - George Wash. 1979

·Michele Samuels - New Hampshire, 1989

·Christine Simpkins - Colorado, 1996

·Iree Skinkle - Georgia Tech, 2018

·Jennifer Ullman - Purdue, 1991



AIESEC Life Events

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How Money Works, with Michele Samuels on May 22
10am PDT/ 1pm EDT

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
June (to be announced)


Debt, retirement, life insurance, budgeting -- these are essential topics that each of us must learn to master and secure a future for ourselves and family. Michele Samuels, AIESEC New Hampshire 1989 and AIESEC US 1990, will share her expertise on financial wellness with the AIESEC Life community on May 22 at 1pm EDT. 

A trusted investment adviser with Primerica, Michelle will provide an accessible way for you to approach and better manage your financial situation at any stage.

In June, join AIESEC alums Natalie Rodgers and Thu Hong Nguyen, and TaRea Betts of The Acacia Company for their session, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Business - How to Integrate DEI Across an Organization (date to be announced). The Acacia Company is a women-owned business that works with small to medium-sized enterprises looking to integrate initiatives that create transformative and lasting impact. 

In order to customize this session to fit participants, please complete this short form about your organization and the DEI ideas and strategies you are interested in learning about.






We are excited to introduce the new AIESEC US MC team for 2021-22!

·Haley Wickman - MCP, current MCVP Local Committee Development for AIESEC in the US, former VPTM & VPiGT at AIESEC in San Jose

·Marina Manova - MCVP Finance, current iGT MC Director for AIESEC in the US, former VP oGV for AIESEC in Washington DC

·Emmanuel Cepeda - MCVP Operations, current MCVP Brand at AIESEC in Puerto Rico

·Emerson Ngu - MCVP LC Development, former VPTM at AIESEC in Eau Claire

The current MC team, led by the wonderful Renée Osaigbovo, will end their term on May 31st. Haley and the team will hit the ground running as they go through planning, managing CEEDers, and training MC Directors. We wish both teams all the best for a smooth transition and productive summer.




Our first Global Alumni Connect (GAC) launched on March 30th with an amazing turnout. Over 150 guests from 12 countries and across 4 continents registered for the virtual session. The two-hour event inspired and empowered AIESEC alumni to rebuild international connections and march towards our common goals and values. Here's what some of our participants had to say about GAC:

"This was the closest to an AIESEC international conference you can get on Zoom. Well done!" - Jordan Georgiev, Austria

"Nell Mei's speech was the most eloquent statement about AIESEC I have ever heard." - Ken Phillips, Boston 

"Loving the AIESEC spirit here! Great job everyone on organizing this!" - Irina Wittman, Germany

"Great start for GAC. Great method for strengthening our connections as AIESECers who share values and love all humankind." - Bruce Walker, Oklahoma

AIESEC Life plans to partner with more international AIESEC entities to continue bringing Global Alumni Connect events to our community.





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