December 2019 Newsletter 


AIESEC Life thrives because of our alumni. When you give back as a mentor, serve on a board of advisors to a LC, contribute to a scholarship fund, attend a local hub event, donate money or join us for a special trip, you continue to live an AIESEC life. You translate the unique impact that AIESEC had on you into action when you support our alumni association. We in turn provides services, scholarships and assistance to AIESEC students and alumni.

AIESEC Life's IMPACT can be felt in many ways, thanks to the
support of our dedicated alumni. As the end of this decade approaches, we'd like to celebrate where we are today, and acknowledge the impact that AIESEC has had on our careers, friendships and commitment to global awareness.

Wishing you and your families a peaceful & healthy 2020.
Maggie Gisel, Executive Director, and the AIESEC Life Team


Alumni Spotlight - Loraine von Moltke: "I was Born on an AIESEC Traineeship!"

In 1983, Loraine (Davis) von Moltke saw someone walking across her college campus wearing an AIESEC sweatshirt – the one that had a globe featured in the logo. “I looked at this sweatshirt and I said, that's me!” She asked the person, “What is this organization, AIESEC? And I said to myself, I’ve got to get involved.” She was excited by the energy the group had and felt it mixed with her ambition to work and live abroad. “If you are in tune to AIESEC, it speaks to you. You just become a part of its fabric quite easily."  Shortly after joining AIESEC, Loraine discovered the story of her birth in Santiago, Chile. She was an AIESEC baby!


Multigenerational LCPs Gather for the 50th!

Congrats to AIESEC San Jose for Turning 50 Years Old!
On November 8, 2019, over 130 current members, interns, supporters and alumni from almost every decade of AIESEC San Jose gathered in the SJSU Student Union Ballroom to celebrate the 50 year milestone. AIESEC San Jose champion, Edith Gong, presented an excellent AIESEC history lesson. Dariusz Paczuski, founder of Rocket Works and alum from AIESEC Long Beach, delivered the keynote address. He shared stories showcasing the impact AIESEC has had on all our lives. It was a memorable night of classic AIESEC chants, roll calls, comradery and more!

Lily DeNoma in São Paulo, Brazil
JoAnn Boland Scholar: Lily DeNoma, AIESEC in Ohio

Lily DeNoma was the recipient of the JoAnn Boland International Scholarship Fund at the 2018-19 Winter National Conference. She used her scholarship money to attend the newly created Americas LCP Summit in São Paulo, Brazil. Lily, along with fellow LCPs from the U.S., participated in the three day conference where they learned key skills and collaborated with other LCPs from a dozen other countries. AIESEC Life and the JAB Scholarship fund made this opportunity a reality for her.


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