Alumni Summer Internship Program for AIESEC Students

As we all know, things are going to be different this summer for AIESEC students. Typically, 80 to 100 LC members go on international exchange. However, due to the pandemic, there will be zero.  Many hard-earned summer internships with employers and universities have also been canceled. A very bleak economic forecast does not bode well for summer employment for many students. AIESEC alumni can step in and help out!  

The Goal:  Give AIESECers meaningful work experience this summer to keep them engaged and challenged. We are seeking alumni to provide short term summer work experiences for LC members between June 1-Sept. 30.

Internships can be:

  • Paid or unpaid
  • In-office or remote
  • Anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks between June and September.  They can be extended if mutually agreed upon by both the intern and the employer.
  • Suggested types of internships might include market research, social media planning, web design, project management, data analytics, tax accounting, or that project that you keep putting off!
  • Post your internship opportunity by Monday, June 1st. If more time is needed, please let Maggie Gisel know.

How:  Any Premium Paid AIESEC Life member ($50/year) can publish an opportunity on the Internships tab on the AIESEC Life website.  Click on our FAQs for instructions on what you will need to include such as a detailed job description, whether the internship is paid or not paid, if it's part-time or full-time, and whether it's in-office or remote.  Don't forget to provide a contact name and email.  Students will be able to log onto to to view all of the available internship opportunities and then can apply directly to alumni who posted the jobs. The communication will be directly between the alumn/employer and the prospective intern. You can determine the start and end dates, discuss any additional requirements, and determine the interview process.  

We moved quickly once we saw the need. AIESEC Life partnered with AIESEC US to make it happen. If you are a small business owner, or in a position to take a summer intern, please consider being a part of this pilot program.  We know there are talented and motivated LC members who would benefit from practical work experience this summer, and we know AIESEC alumni can certainly see the benefit in this opportunity for young people.  Questions? Contact Maggie Gisel or Ian Kawetschanky.

MCP Ian Kawetschanky and MCP Elect Renée Osaigbovo

AIESEC Life Alumni Rock - Thank You for your Generosity!!

Over 50 generous alumni either donated, joined or renewed their AIESEC Life membership helping us raise $4,600!  With exchange revenue at a standstill, these funds will assist AIESEC US over the coming weeks and months.  We know there are countless organizations hard-hit by this pandemic, and we are grateful to our alumni community for making AIESEC one of the causes you continue to support.

We have an incredible community of talented and interesting alumni. Our goal is to share these voices with you and to provide meaningful programming in the coming weeks and months including:

  • Study Tour Happy Hour - Friday, May 22
  • How to Stay Sane During Insane Times with The Challenge Coach, Pascale Brady (AIESEC France) - May 28
  • From AIESEC to Climate Advocate with Randy Salim (AIESEC Michigan) - June TBD
  • What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Tips and Techniques for Finding Your Dream Job with Walter Jankowski (AIESEC Wisconsin) - June TBD
  • Responsible Corporate Communications and Politics Abroad with Michael & Stephanie Stewart (AIESEC Colorado) - June TBD. Living in London, Mike is Global Leader, Corporate Affairs for PwC and Stephanie is on the executive committee for Democrats Abroad UK.  They will share their unique perspectives and AIESEC stories.

Continue to check our events page for updated information and to RSVP. If you have a topic that you think is a good fit for our community, please email Maggie Gisel.

Sample Session for LC Virtual Training Project

Virtual Training Project 

AIESECERS are always moving forward, growing and learning. We are impressed with our LC members and students seeking to upskill themselves, while at home. Alumni Natalie Rodgers and Thu-Hong Nguyen are collaborating with AIESEC US MC to create a virtual training project for student members. They want to connect with alumni who are willing and able to deliver virtual training sessions to LC members. They've identified top areas of interest and skill gaps and outlined 16 different sessions, each with objectives, agenda points, and intended audience. Alumni will be able to easily plugin and create their sessions, without taking too much time out of their regular schedules. You can view the outline here. If you can help out by being a featured speaker, please email Thu-Hong or Natalie directly.  The sessions will begin in early June.


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