AIESEC International Relocates from Europe to North America

AIESEC International Team 2018-19


For the first time in its history, AIESEC has relocated their global headquarters from Europe to North America, specifically from Rotterdam to Montreal. On December 13th, over 100 partners, alumni, and government officials met with the AIESEC leaders in downtown Montreal to celebrate this key milestone for AIESEC.

The search started in fall 2016 when AIESEC International released a call for bids to host the relocation of its global headquarters. Thanks to the efforts of Montreal International, over 30 organizations and various government agencies, AIESEC chose Montreal. AIESEC hopes to replicate the success and positive impact they have had in Europe for 70 years in their new North American headquarters. We welcome AI to this side of the pond and look forward to partnering with them and our fellow Canadian alumni.

The celebration of AIESEC's 70th anniversary continues with the recent launch of an official history book, Capturing 70 Years of Leadership for PeaceIn partnership with ING, this book captures the story of AIESEC's 70 year legacy of developing over 1 million young leaders across the world with a united vision to Strive for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential. We invite our alumni with media contacts to help promote this comprehensive publication. Please contact Aga OkrojGlobal Vice President Public Relations, AIESEC International if you are interested.



Alumni Spotlight:  Lynda Baker Funke       
AIESEC Beginnings Lead to Global Lives

Lynda Baker Funke, National Committee President of AIESEC US 1985-1986, acknowledges that AIESEC has had a huge impact on the course of her career and her personal life. Though she studied international economics during college, as AIESEC Georgetown Local Committee President she certainly never imagined living for decades in Germany and the United Kingdom and pursuing a fascinating career managing international business projects all over the world.

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Winter National Conference:  WNC Wrap Up & MCP Elect Ian Kawetschanky

We are pleased to announce the new MCP-elect for AIESEC US is Ian Kawetschanky! Ian hails from AIESEC Madison where he was LCP in 2016. He has served on the US MC as VP of Partnerships Development for both the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 terms.

Thanks to alumni Andrew Lewis, Michelle Levesque, Aashreya Tiku, Christina Sonou and Richard Corcoran for taking part in a speakers panel and presenting the recipients of the JoAnn Boland Award and Sales Rockstar Awards at WNC on January 3rd.

Read about the 2018 exchange program stats and the many LCs and individuals who received awards at WNC.



It's 2019 - Time to Give Back!     
Join a Hub Team or Become a Hub Chair

AIESEC Life currently has 11 Hubs, or local alumni groups, in cities across the country. We are looking for new leadership in Charlotte, Houston, Seattle, South Florida and Washington D.C. Our Hubs are integral in helping AIESEC Life grow and, more importantly, for spurring alumni involvement in the exchange program. If you are looking for a way to give back to AIESEC and get involved, this is a wonderful way to connect with old friends, meet new ones, interact with the LCs, and truly impact our alumni community. 

Join an existing hub team or take the helm in one our vacant spots.  Click here to read more about the Hub Chair role and to complete a short Google form.  


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