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We are celebrating 70 years of AIESEC, and to commemorate the event, we are highlighting alums who are doing great things and innovating in their industries.  

Thus far, alums have heard from Hanne Wolf in Colorado, Abishek Jadon in Chicago, John Wright in Madison, Dave Naczycz & Joe Pinto in NYC, and from Suzy Glucksman in DC. Today in Houston they will hear from Eva Lin. Still to come are events in Seattle, Austin, Boston, Atlanta and Charlotte with speakers including Julie Goonewardene, John Irvine, Jacqui Chew, and Mike Smith will be speaking.

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Alumni Spotlight - Suzy Glucksman

Suzy Glucksman hails from AIESEC Smith and has spent her professional career working in politics and in the realm of corporate social responsibility.  She spoke at the AIESEC Life hub event in DC and took the time to talk about innovation in corporate social responsibility with Heather Blahnik prior to the event.

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AIESEC US enlists alumni for LC development
AIESEC Life has been working with AIESEC US to find alumni willing to help with LC re-starts and launches at a number of universities including ASU, UNC Charlotte, University of Central Florida, and Hofstra.
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AIESEC Alumni International Congress 2018

AIESEC International along with AIESEC Alumni International will be co-hosting IC and AAIC in Hurghada, Egypt on the Red Sea this July 6th-9th. Registration is now open for the event and study tours. Have you been looking for a way to re-connect with AIESEC? Here is a great opportunity! Visit the conference website where you can find location details, registration, agenda, and study tour options.

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