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AIESEC Life and the global alumni network is and should be an extension of the AIESEC experience beyond university.  Building cross-cultural relationships continues in our careers and with other families, and more importantly activating leadership that continues to develop and impact the world around us.  This fall as we launch our fall donor campaign, we are summoning each of you to find a way to help activate our network.  There is tremendous potential for growth and new ways to contribute, but it requires taking part.  If we want to grow and change, leaders need to engage in the effort to transform the organization.  We are challenging our community to Lead the Way!  Start now by becoming a donor member, use discount code FALL17 to get 10% until September 30th!  We want to increase our donor member base by 30% - will you be one of them?
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Integrated International Organization

AIESEC Alumni International was pleased to participate as part of the Supervisory Group with AIESEC International during their recent transition.  The two organization are integrating efforts and even looking for joint sponsors.  The idea, "once an AIESECer always an AIESECer" will certainly flourish in a collaborative environment like this.

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Do you like to keep up with world news and events?  AIESEC has joined forces with The Economist as a partner to help them off-set conference costs.  Sign-up for a subscription 12 weeks for just $12.  For every 10 subscriptions they will get $250!
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Congratulations Lexi! SNC Boland Scholar.

AIESEC Life Board of Director members Andrew Lewis and Michelle Levesque attended Summer National Conference just outside DC and presented Lexi Tosch as the next Boland Scholar.  Congratulations Lexi!  We look forward to reading about your experience once you return from an international conference.
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Christopher Yue
New Hub Chair Madison
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Melissa Askler
New Hub Chair for DC
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