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Spring events are happening around the US.  There have been events in 11 cities; Atlanta, Boston, Bay Area, Chicago, Colorado, D.C., Los Angeles, Madison, Minneapolis, New York City, and Phoenix.  Austin is coming up!  We are so pleased our community continues to connect and grow.  These events don't happen without the AIESEC alumni who attend and come out.  We are grateful for the alumni who support us and hope more are willing to find a way to engage with us.  Consider joining a hub team, an LC BOA near you, being a mentor, signing up as a Purple Squirrel advocate, or become a donor member!  Your support and involvement are essential to our success! 
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An Update from AIESEC US
The MC team is 3/4 of the way through their term.  Adriana shared an update with us on exchanges and local committee development.
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Maital Kaminer - Boland Scholar Recipient
As a recipient of the JoAnn Boland scholarship Maital Kaminer recently attended the Americas Conference in Lima, Peru.  Read about her experience - the scholarship is helping develop and build the AIESEC leaders of today and tomorrow!
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Partnering with Purple Squirrel
We can't compete with the likes of job search engines in sourcing jobs for AIESECers, but we can connect in a career networking space unique to our members.  Consider becoming an advocate for AIESECers on the Purple Squirrel platform.
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New Faces
Peter Stewart
Board of Directors
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Zacharie Treister
Social Media Manager
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