November 2015


600 Paid Members by the 60th!!!

Sometimes you need an incentive, like a special celebration, to energize big goals. We want the 60th anniversary of AIESEC US to be the inspiration to help us increase paid membership to 600 from our current 416! 


What can you do? Two things. First, consider becoming a PAID member, if you are not already. Second, reach out to your former AIESEC colleagues, tell them about AIESEC Life and encourage them to join as a paid member.


Why pay when you can be a member for free? Paid membership provides access to our online database of members, offers discounts for events like the gala, covers small costs for hub events, supports local and national students' efforts, and helps ensure we continue to build and grow our national presence. Will you help us reach our goal? Become a paid member today and update your profile when you do so!  SIGN-IN HERE with your user name:  @@username@@

Realized TNs YTD
2015 is coming to a close and the LC's are reporting in with results. Take a moment and check on your home LC or one that is near you and see how they are doing. Alumni in many of our hub cities attended fall events and heard about new programs and local updates.  If you didn't get to an event learn more here.
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Winter National Conference
Remember being a poor, starving college student but determined to get to that next AIESEC conference? Donate Now to help a student or LC offset the costs of attending WNC. And if you will be in the Fort Worth area on January 2nd, AIESEC US would love for you to join their Gala and Awards evening. Here are event details and Tickets.
Meet Madison Heginbotham
Boland Scholar Recipient
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