January 2017
Your Legacy
At some point in life we begin to ask: What will my lasting legacy be? How will others remember my goals and achievements? We want to be remembered for our love and generosity, and as AIESECers, our pursuit of "peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential." In 2017 AIESEC Life is launching our 1956 Society, a planned giving program. We hope to see many names added to the list of alumni who will get onboard. Make AIESEC Life a 1% or more beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a 401K, or IRA.
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AIESEC US has a New MCP-elect
We are pleased to announce the new MCP-elect for AIESEC US is Ms. Alexandra (Alex) Robinson! She hails from UNC - Chapel Hill. Alex was on the MC team '15-'16, and is spending this year on the Eygptian MC. Congratulations Alex!
Boland Scholarship Recipients Announced
Kirsten Cadot (MC '89-90) attended Winter National Conference and presented Maital Kaminer (UGA) & Tarek Abdelraouf (Miami) with Boland Scholarships. We congratulate them and look forward to hearing about their international conference experiences after they attend. Congratulations to Maital and Tarek!
Seeking New Officer for the AIESEC Life BOD
If you are an attorney and looking for a way to give back, AIESEC Life needs you. We are seeking a new Secretary & General Counsel for our Board of Directors. Click here to see the job description, and email daniele@aieseclife.org with your interest.
  Welcome New Hub Chairs  
Tereza Georgieva
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Miguel Hierro
Seattle Hub
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Heidi Dickert
Bay Area Hub
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