AIESEC Life is on a mission!  Our goal this season: Open doors for alumni to experience our fun hub events. And, open doors for students to raise traineeships. Know someone who could possibly take a trainee? Click here to tell us who, learn about the exchange program or read case studies of other alumni who have taken trainees. Or, click here to read a message from our Executive Director about our vision for this year's campaign. Our goal: 175 traineeship leads from alumni this year!



Our hubs are serious this season about holding great events. Check out our events calendar to see what's happening in Chicago (Feb 26 & Mar 18) the Bay Area (TBA), Denver (Mar 4), Houston (Feb 25 & Mar 11), Miami (Mar 14), New York City (Mar 11), Seattle (Mar 9) and Washington DC (Mar 16) in the next few weeks! Our goal: bring out 100 alumni who will be first-time attenders at our events. 


Alumna Kris Kellum Stafie has joined the AIESEC Life team as the Manager for the Alumni Insider List
   Catch up with alumni from around the world at the Regional Alumni Congress in Ecuador from March 19-22.   AIESEC Alumni International is gearing up for its next global alumni congress in Portugal April 9-12.


Expeditors, a Fortune 500 Seattle-based logistics company, is the newest addition to the Alumni Insider List!

 What is the Alumni Insider List? It is a list of AIESEC alumni in key companies who have volunteered to be contact points, or "insiders," for other alumni interested in working in their companies. Learn more about the program here. Access to the list is an exclusive benefit for paid members of AIESEC Life.


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