November 2016
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The AIESEC 60th anniversary maybe over, but the energy and momentum to propel us forward has only just begun!  There were over 220 alumni and 70+ students who attended the big event and we raised over $100k for AIESEC US and the JoAnn Boland Scholarship fund - what an amazing show of support for the organization.  Only a fraction of our membership was able to attend, and we'd like to see the energy continue and the excitement grow!  There are so many ways to help us continue to Create History - join a hub team, share your social media savvy on the AIESEC Life team, become a mentor to a student or recent alum, join an LC BOA, find your former colleagues and get them to sign-up with AIESEC Life.  Find a way to become an active part of our community you never know what an impact you can have!

Do you want to be a Mentor?

The 2017 Mentorship Program will begin in January and if you'd like to participate now is the time to sign-up.  The program has evolved and you DO NOT have to be by an LC to participate.  Interested, then click the button below for more details.

Become a Hub Leader
AIESEC Life has 14 hubs in cities across the country and 2 cities looking to become hubs.  Would you like to lead a hub?  Several cities including Seattle, the Bay Area, and New York are looking for new leadership and all cities are happy to add more team members.  If you are looking for a way to get involved this is a wonderful way to connect with old friends, meet new ones, interact with the LCs, and truly impact our alumni community.  See our list of hub cities and leaders HERE.  Email the hub chairperson to join a team or click below for details on the leadership role.
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